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Why you need a DevOps Engineer to manage your web app deployment, server configuration and management.

Why You Need a DevOps Engineer to Manage Your Web App Deployment, Server Configuration, and Management.

Are you an eCommerce, Website, or Blog owner? Do not understand why you need a DevOps engineer to manage your web app deployment, server configuration, and management?

If you are running multiple Nginx servers or need HIPAA & PCI compliance, we’ve got you covered in this post as you will learn the basics of what you need with respect to DevOps Engineering.

High Traffic sites need more attention than low traffic sites. As a high-traffic site owner, your website security, speed, and data safety are some of the top things you need to prioritize.

You can choose to hire a well-skilled team of experts to manage your servers and technology deployments on-site or choose to outsource this to a team that has been doing this for years at a high level.

At SpectroHost, we are available to manage and scale your web applications so that you can focus on delivering your services while enabling you with the technology that will put your mind at rest and have your target audience pleased at your performance level.

What is DevOps Engineering

What is DevOps Engineering

This refers to the steps that a business takes to ensure proper management of the IT infrastructure that supports its software code in any cloud/dedicated server environment, be it dedicated, multi-tenant, or hybrid.

A proper DevOps Engineering setup ensures that IT resources are optimized to ensure the appropriate deployment model, the testing protocol that validates each software/app release, and monitoring of the performance once releases are live.

Who is a DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer is first, a person that can manage teams to ensure that business goals are met using various skills and expertise that cover coding, testing, and deployment of web apps that ensure low code update failures and faster incremental releases.

In plain language, a DevOps Engineer is a vastly qualified and experienced IT Project manager that understands what it takes to ensure the ultimate success of your IT needs.

Ensuring great automation and infrastructure maintenance are the hallmarks of a great DevOps Engineer.

How to tell if I need a DevOps Engineer

As a business entity, you need to be able to design a system that is reliable and is automated thereby ensuring that you can put a new feature into the user’s hands in lesser time through an automation process thereby ensuring that you can make more money since you have a very fast way for ensuring the quality of releases as well as scheduling them to go live as soon as the necessary quality checks for releases have been passed using a streamlined approach.

How to tell if I need a DevOps Engineer

How to tell if a DevOps Engineer is great

A good DevOps Engineer must be able to meet your specific infrastructure needs and testing/release requirements.

A great DevOps Engineer understands your business process and can ensure that your model for writing, testing, and deploying your web apps is as streamlined and automated as possible to ensure that you can get things done faster and even safer.

More specifically, a DevOps Engineer must have the following knowledge:

  • Linux and Windows OS
  • automation and configuration tools that include both traditional scripts and specific tools like Ansible and Chef.
  • integration of open-source tech and cloud services.
  • proven experience with continuous integration and continuous deployment tools like GitLab, Jenkins, and Circle CI.
  • public cloud resources and services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • a diverse range of IT monitoring and management tools, such as Cloudflare, and Akamai.
  • troubleshooting and providing solutions to technical issues in both test and production environments.
  • hands-on experience in servers, storage, and network device installation, provisioning, and monitoring.

At this point you might still need some clarification on how DevOps Engineering can benefit your business model, however, we do have some packages that can take care of some common DevOps needs. You can check them here

You can also send us an email so we can answer any specific DevOps Engineering Questions that you might have.

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