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Migrate WordPress From Shared Hosting To a Cloud Server with cPanel Account

  • Website migration is the process of transferring a website from one web host to another. This involves the migration of all integral website files to the new host. You might want to change hosts due to several reasons including website administration features, website downtime, dissatisfaction with disk space and bandwidth allotments, performance, slow page loads, or for a higher level of support from a new host as well. For a seamless transition, you may need to remember several things about your new host, migration process, and undergo adequate preparation before the move takes place.

Things to Remember Before Migrating Your Site

 Migrating your site can be stressful and challenging, especially when you try to stay on top of the things you should and should not do as to not affect the performance of your online presence. Here at SpectroHost, we understand the importance of a clean and successful migration. So to help you migrate, we have listed a step by step guide for you below. But make sure to remember these things before migrating your website.

  • Develop a Plan
  • Take an Inventory of Inbound Links
  • Create 301 Redirects
  • Don’t Redirect All Pages to Your Home Page
  • Continue to Keep Possession of Your Old Domain
  • Do Not Drastically Reduce the Content on Your Site
  • Never Switch Back to Your Old Site

In case you prefer that SpectroHost migrate your site to a cloud server, please contact support via a ticket in the client area or email to  Our support will assist you with the migration of a CMS website or blog to a SpectroHost Cloud Server at any stage of the process at no additional cost.

Steps to Migrate WP from Shared Hosting to cPanel

Step 1

Download code and database from the current cPanel account.

  1. Login to your current cPanel

Migrate WordPress From Shared Hosting To a cPanel Account On A Cloud Server - Login to Cpanel

2. After login, go to Files section and then click on File Manager.

Migrate WordPress From Shared Hosting To a cPanel Account On A Cloud Server - Open File Manager

3. Then click on public_html.


4. Select the complete code of the site, compress it, and then download that compressed file.

5. Now go back to cPanel main page.


6. Click on phpMyAdmin in the Databases section.

Migrate WordPress From Shared Hosting To a cPanel Account On A Cloud Server - open phpmyadmin

7. Now select database file and then export.


Step 2

Migrate downloaded code and database to a new cPanel account on a Cloud Server.  Make sure there is a cPanel account with the same username as you had before at the shared hosting – this will make sure your migration is clean and successful.  The cPanel account needs to be created in cPanel’s WHM login portion.  Contact your web host support if you need assistance with that part.

  1. Login to your new cPanel account.


2. Go to Files section and then click on File Manager.


3. Then click on public_html.


4. Upload the compressed file that you’ve downloaded earlier and then extract the file. (you can then move the compressed file to another folder above public_html and not further into the public_html directory – or you could simply delete the compressed file for security purposes)


5. Now go to the database section on the cPanel home page and then click on My SQL database.


6. Create a new database here.



7. Then add a new user to database with the same username and password used in your site’s configuration file. (ie. found in the wp-config.php file for WordPress)


8. Now go back to cPanel main page and click on phpMyAdmin in database section to import the database file that you’ve exported earlier.


9. Select the newly created database and then click on the import button.


10. Now browse the database file that you’ve downloaded earlier on your local system.

php my admin

11. Now click on Go button.

12. Migration of your WP site from shared hosting to a cPanel WHM Cloud Server is done.

In case you have any migration issues, we can help you migrate to a performance SSD Cloud Server at SpectroHost for free.  Just contact us at

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