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35 Percent Recurring Commission Affiliates Program Revamped 2017

Rake in uncapped recurring commissions up to 35% for all orders!

There are 2 affiliate account types within the SpectroHost Affiliate Program:

– Standard Affiliate: receives 25% recurring commission on any sales. This is the base affiliate program.

– Premium Affiliate: receives up to 35% recurring commission on any sales. The premium affiliate is for established partnerships, sponsorships, and high-volume traffic affiliates with $500 or more in commissions per a 3 month period.  Premium Affiliates get a free 20 GB Performance Reseller Web Hosting account.  To qualify for Premium Affiliates please visit Affiliate Program for instructions or email [email protected]


How does it work?

You get your custom affiliate URL used specifically for your account from the client area in the Affiliates menu. You can opt to use the URL with or without the html proposed in the Affiliates menu area. You can redirect to the URL and it will work just the same. Basically, when a referral navigates in their browser to your URL, they will land on https://account.spectrohost.com client area and a cookie is sent to their browser to track their orders. That cookie specifically associates this referral to your account and credits your affiliate account with the commission for any orders and sets them to recur on each renewal of the order.

How to implement the URL?

1. You must have a SpectroHost client area user registered (service orders are not required, however encouraged.)  You must register.
2. Navigate to https://account.spectrohost.com and login if you are not already there. 😀
3. Click on ‘Affiliates’ menu and activate your account if not already activated.
4. Inside this menu, you will find your Affiliate URL.
5. Copy this url and use it in your blog, website, newsletters, emails, etc.
6. Optional – you can also use the preformatted HTML at the bottom of the affiliates section. The URL, which is embedded in the HTML, is what matters for the referrals to navigate to SpectroHost and order for your commissions to get associated with your affiliate account.
7. Watch the money roll in!

For more information please visit Affiliate Program or email [email protected]



35 Percent Recurring Commission Affiliates Program Revamped 2017
35 Percent Recurring Commission Affiliates Program Revamped 2017
Rake in uncapped recurring commissions up to 35% for all orders!
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